Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

What Are The Advantages Of Using Black Oxide Product Coatings?

by Willie Horton

If you want to use a black coating on your products, then oxide blackening is a good option. How does this process work? What are its benefits?

What Is Black Oxide Coating?

Black oxide coatings treat metals that need extra protection or decoration. During the conversion process, you add a layer of black iron oxide to your base metal.

While different processes work in different ways, oxide coatings typically follow a similar production path. You clean your metals and activate them to prepare them for coating. You then oxidize them.

For example, you might immerse your products in a chemical bath. The chemicals start a reaction process that converts the outer surface of the metal into black iron oxide. If necessary, you can then seal the products to close the oxide pores on the surface.

Why Use Black Oxide Coating on Your Products?

These coatings have some benefits. They give you an attractive deep black decorative finish and some performance advantages.

For example, oxides help protect metals from corrosion. They form a protective layer that keeps the metal safe from moisture and corrosive chemicals. However, the oxide layer is thin. If you need to keep your product's core size and weight dimensions, then it won't significantly change them.

Oxide coatings are also more uniform than other solutions. When you immerse a product in a bath, the liquids flow evenly all over it. They will give you full coverage even in recessed spaces. Other processes might not automatically give you full coverage.

These coatings also work well if you want extra lubrication. Oxides contain some oil. They can help lubricate moving parts and reduce wear and friction. Your products will work more effectively for longer.

This lubrication also prevents galling problems down the line. Galling occurs when two metals slide against each other repeatedly. The metals start to wear. This can degrade and damage products and reduce their working life spans.

If you use a black metal oxide coating, then you shouldn't have galling problems. The coating and its lubricity create protective layers between two pieces of metal so that they don't have direct contact. Your products won't wear so quickly and will perform better for longer.

Oxide coatings can also reduce your production costs. This is a simple coating process that doesn't require investment in expensive equipment such as electroplating machines or powder-coating equipment.

To find out more, contact coating specialists and ask about their black oxide coating services. They can help you decide if this is the right way to coat your products. For more information on black oxide product coating, contact a professional near you.


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