Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Steps to Take When Purchasing a Pharma Clean Room Crane

by Willie Horton

If you have pharmaceutical operations that will need a crane, you have a lot of options. You'll definitely want to make sure they have a clean room design as to ensure contamination is prevented. Finding one of these specialty cranes won't be involved if you perform due diligence. 

Assess Pharmaceutical Space First

Pharma clean room cranes can be customized for particular pharmaceutical operations, but in order to take full advantage of custom manufacturing, you need to analyze the space where this crane needs to go. You'll then have a better idea of the features and designs this clean room crane needs to provide in the beginning and years later.

Get an idea of how much available space there is for the pharma clean room crane, structures that could impact movement, and also height restrictions. Get the manufacturer involved in this assessment too so that they know exactly what to come through with when designing and manufacturing this crane. 

Understand Capabilities Before Purchasing

It's important that you know exactly what a pharma clean room crane is capable of handling before you purchase because then you can verify you're going with a model that has the right specs. Weight lifting capacity is probably the most relevant spec to analyze when it comes to crane performance.

How much total weight can be supported by the crane and will this range be ideal for the equipment and materials you'll be transporting? Also, what can the crane be exposed to and how long will it hold up? These assessments are vital in getting a clean room crane that serves your needs best. 

Get Into a Thorough After-Sales Program

Which manufacturer you end up working with when having a pharma clean room crane made should depend on the services provided. For your peace of mind and convenience, try going with a crane manufacturer that delivers an after-sales program.

It will entail a lot of key services like spare part delivery, annual inspections, and maintenance assistance. These services can help you avoid complications with this pharma clean room crane, which is needed if you don't have a lot of history using said crane before. 

Pharma clean room cranes are unique in that they're made from materials that keep contamination from playing a huge role in a workspace. If you've saved up enough to purchase one outright, make sure you know what to get so that your pharmaceutical operations are helped — not hindered. 


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Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

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