Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Remove Mold From A Popcorn Ceiling

by Willie Horton

A popcorn ceiling contains many nooks and crannies and is often referred to as an acoustic ceiling since the dimensional surface reduces sound from echoing within a room. The textured surface is sprayed on, and often, a sealant is applied over it. If you have noticed black staining in the corners of your bathroom ceiling, mold is likely present. Eliminate the mold and deter future growth by following some cleaning and repair steps.


  • ladder
  • goggles
  • gloves
  • plastic poncho
  • sheeting
  • detergent
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • anti-fungal solution
  • sponge
  • putty knife
  • sandpaper
  • acoustic spray
  • sealant

Pre-Clean And Apply An Antifungal Solution

Moisture buildup contributes to the growth of mold, and if your bathroom isn't well-ventilated, steam from hot showers and baths may have resulted in moisture penetrating the textured surface. Mold growth occurs in both residential and business settings. There are many industrial products on the market that will aid with eliminating mold and repairing a popcorn ceiling.

Because you will be using some chemicals during the mold removal process, put on gloves, goggles, and a plastic poncho to protect your skin and clothing. Use sheeting to cover the floor. Use diluted detergent to pre-clean the moldy surface. Spray the solution across the moldy surface, while standing on a ladder. Prepare an antifungal solution, which consists of a commercial product that has been mixed with water.

If you do not have access to this type of product, chlorine bleach that has been diluted with an equal amount of water can be used. Open up the bathroom windows before applying the antifungal spray or bleach mixture. Move a sponge across the moldy surface. A few applications of the spray or mixture may be needed, depending on how deeply the mold has penetrated. 

Touch Up And Seal The Ceiling

Once you have rinsed off the textured surface, look at the protrusions that are part of the popcorn design. If any of the sections have broken off and the damaged part of the ceiling has a much flatter appearance than the rest of the ceiling, lightly sand the popcorn surface or use a putty knife, to remove sections that are loose.

An acoustic spray can be used to repair the ceiling. The spray needs to be applied in thin, even coats to prevent the product from dripping down onto the sheet-covered flooring. After the surface has dried, apply a sealant across the ceiling. The sealant can be sprayed or brushed across the popcorn surface.

If you need help with mold texture repair, contact a professional in your area.


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Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

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