Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Shoulder Screw Versatility

by Willie Horton

There are a million different screws for a million different purposes – wood screws, metal screws, security screws, and the list goes on. They each serve a specific purpose in the building and fixing of many different aspects of the physical world. If you need to attach one item to another, quite often you reach for a screw.

Say you want an object to be able to move while still being attached to another object. 

You will likely need a shoulder screw, or shoulder bolt, to achieve the desired result.

Also referred to as 'stripper bolts', shoulder screws have the needed threads to achieve connecting one item to another securely while still allowing there to be movement. They have what is referred to as a 'shoulder', which is where the name of the screw comes from. The shoulder is located at the top of the screw below the head, and is smooth, as opposed to the screw having threads all the way up the shaft. The threaded portion of the screw is generally narrower than the shoulder - no different than the way your shoulders are wider than the rest of your body. Beneath the shoulder portion of the screw is the threaded portion. The smooth shoulder allows for the rotation and sliding of the object that it is attached to. Often, these types of screws are used in punch and die mechanisms or plastic injection mold sets. They can also be found on playgrounds and in different furniture components. They are even used in the medical and automotive fields, as well as in electronics.

Shoulder screws come in a variety of materials so they can be used no matter what type of environment they are going to be utilized in. When shopping for shoulder screws, you will want to keep in mind where they will be located – will they be outside or inside? Will it be dry or damp? Will there be corrosive conditions? This will help you determine what type of material the screw should be made of. Additionally, you can get shoulder screws that can withstand different levels of tension or PSI.

Shoulder screws come in a variety of preset sizes. They can also be customized, however. There are screw manufacturers that can supply a variety of sizes for whatever you may need these types of screws for.

If you need an item to be connected to another yet you also need there to be movement, shoulder screws should provide the desired results. Shoulder screws are one of the most versatile fasteners out there.

To learn more, contact a shoulder screw supplier.


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Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

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