Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

How Do You Keep Electronic Products Clean?

by Willie Horton

If your industrial company produces electronics, such as discs, hard drives, and silicon wafers, you want to ensure that each piece you make is clean and presentable before it leaves your factory. However, oil, dirt, and other types of residue can coat your products during assembly. In order to clean your electronic products, you must use the right cleaning methods. Here are things you can do to keep your electronics clean.

Schedule Regular Factory Cleanings

Keeping the environment around your products clean is the first step you can take right now. The air inside your factory can harbor all types of particulate matter, including aerosol spray, droplets, dust, grease, and oil. Although most of the matter may escape your factory through exhaust pipes and other fixtures, some of the matter may remain inside your building and contaminate your electronics. 

As time permits, clean your factory thoroughly. You can hire outside help to clean the factory, or you can have your employees clean it between shifts. You want to focus on areas of your factory that produce the most particulate matter, such as in the production room.

Also, invest in precision cleaning equipment to help you keep your electronic parts clean. 

Use Precision Cleaning Equipment

Precision cleaning equipment comes in many different types, including ultrasonic machines. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment uses vapor, liquid, or solvents to remove debris from all types of products. The equipment may come with special features as well. The features may allow you to set the cleaning time and speed for each item you need to clean.

Before you invest in your cleaning equipment, speak to an industrial supplier first. A supplier can find equipment that works best for each type of part you need to clean. For example, if you need to clean large batches or multiple pieces, you may invest in a large cleaning machine or tank. 

If you only need to clean small pieces or batches, you may consider using a small ultrasonic cleaning console to get the job done. Consoles allow you to clean, rinse, and dry your items thoroughly before you assemble and ship them.

Once you purchase the right cleaning equipment for your electronic products, you must maintain the equipment properly. You can keep your machines in good working order by having them inspected by an industrial supplier or repair technician regularly. If you need to learn more about maintaining your equipment, consult a supplier.

For more details about precision cleaning equipment, including how to obtain it, contact a supplier online or by phone today.


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Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

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