Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Common Seawall Damage and Repair Concerns

by Willie Horton

Becoming an oceanfront property owner is rewarding, exciting, and enjoyable for those who are drawn to the salt air and ocean waves. However, many new oceanfront property owners lack the experience and understanding required to maintain that property. 

Owning a property with ocean views and ocean access means ensuring that the property itself is protected and cared for. This is especially true of the seawall. Here's what you need to know about seawall vulnerability and repair needs based on the different types of materials your seawall may be constructed from.

1. Metal Seawalls

Metal seawalls are typically constructed of either steel or aluminum. In either case, the persistent exposure to saltwater and the salt concentration in the air can cause the metal to corrode and deteriorate. When that deterioration happens, it's irreversible. If the metal is starting to corrode, you'll need to either replace it or remove the corrosion and then seal the metal to create a barrier between the salt and the seawall. 

You'll need a seawall repair contractor to remove or repair the damaged portion of the seawall. Sometimes, the corrosion can be removed with a grinding wheel, then the metal treated to discourage recurrence. Alternatively, the repair technician may cut the damaged section completely out of the wall. Then, they will replace that section, typically welding a new section of metal in place of the corroded one.

2. Concrete Seawalls

There are two points of vulnerability in concrete seawalls. First, the saltwater can cause deterioration of the concrete when it isn't properly sealed. In addition, steel rebar posts are used to reinforce those concrete walls. When the concrete is cracked or deteriorated, saltwater can reach the rebar. This will cause corrosion and can weaken the structural integrity of the wall over time. 

When you notice cracking or deterioration in the concrete seawall, you'll need to reach out to a seawall repair contractor to patch the damaged area. They can fill in cracks and crumbling areas with fresh concrete mix, reinforcing the wall and protecting it from further damage.

3. Wood Seawalls

If your property has a seawall constructed of wood, it's important that you recognize the significant vulnerability of this type of construction. Wood is susceptible to deterioration and weathering from wind, saltwater, sand, and even more damage. 

When the wood deteriorates and starts to splinter or crack, it will need to be replaced. You can maintain the wall by replacing segments as they suffer damage, but it will mean ongoing, consistent repairs. Be attentive to the wood condition at all times to address damage when it appears.

Have a seawall repair contractor evaluate your property's seawall today for any signs of damage.


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