Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Air Filtration In An Automotive Manufacturing Plant: Why It's There, And Why Your Plant Needs It

by Willie Horton

Automotive manufacturing plants have the most to gain from using air filtration systems. These plants are doing about a half-dozen different manufacturing activities that produce toxic or harmful materials if these materials are inhaled. The air filtration systems remove the substances before employees have a chance to accidentally inhale them. Here is why these systems are in every auto manufacturing plant, and why your plant needs it or needs an update to the system if the system is older. 

Metal Shavings

During the formation and grinding of the frame of every vehicle made, metal shavings go flying. Some of them end up in the air, while others land on the ground, but all are dangerous for human airways. With an air system that sucks up the metal shavings overhead, and the air system that sucks up the shavings on the production line floor, everyone on this part of the line can breath easier knowing that they will not be breathing in metal shavings. 


Paint, whether it is sprayed on or powder coated onto a metal surface, still sends particles into the air. The powder coated and electroplated paint is more dangerous because it hangs in the air like dust. Liquid paint produces tiny spatters that can be inhaled when wet, and flaked powder specks when dry. No matter how a vehicle is painted any color, there are particles in the air and the air system removes them. 

Styrofoam Dust

Styrofoam dust springs up into the air during the upholstery process. At this point, a lot of the process becomes automated, but employees still have to wedge the foam for all of the car seats into position and cover the foam loosely with the upholstery. They are exposed to the dust in the process, but the air system takes care of that. 

Why Your Plant Should Have This System or Update It

If you involve any of the above manufacturing processes in your plant, you need an air system to keep everyone safe and healthy. If you already have such a system, it needs to be kept clean and well-maintained. If the system is older than twenty years, you should consider replacing it and updating it to provide your employees with the best and cleanest air possible for them to breathe. Keep medical insurance costs and sick days down by keeping the air in your plant free of what can make everyone very sick. 


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Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

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