Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

A New Industrial Epoxy Floor

by Willie Horton

Industrial floors need special coatings. An epoxy coating can completely change a floor.

Adding an Epoxy Coating to Industrial Concrete Floors Can Improve Those Floors and Fix Issues

Many industrial concrete floors will develop certain irregularities over time, even if the staff members involved are as careful as they can be all day long. All of these various small holes and cracks throughout the floor will usually only be cosmetic in nature, but they can become more serious over time. The relatively simple addition of an epoxy coating is often all that people will need in order to make an older industrial floor look completely new. 

Industrial floors are inherently prone to this sort of damage because large pieces of heavy machinery will travel across them so frequently. Fortunately, if those floors are upgraded using epoxy coatings, they will be that much more likely to remain in good condition for years. This can also potentially make the floors much safer to use in practice.

Different Epoxy Coatings Were Designed to Make Floors Less Slippery and Less Likely to Degrade in Ways That Can Lead to Safety Concerns

Some people will look at epoxy flooring and assume that it is going to be somewhat slippery because it is very shiny and tends to retain its smooth surface for a long period of time. However, these sorts of coatings were actually designed to include additives that will specifically prevent these sorts of difficult accidents. Uneven floor surfaces can actually cause problems over time, and these sorts of issues will also be prevented through the use of these coatings. People also will not have to worry about spills. 

Epoxy Surfaces Are Resistant to Water and Various Chemical Stains

Manufacturing and industrial settings often have epoxy flooring. The chemical spills that can occur within industrial environments always need to be addressed immediately, and it's important to make sure that the spills won't have lasting consequences. When these spills take place on epoxy flooring, cleaning and sterilizing the floor is much easier than it would be with a floor that used a different coating. 

Epoxy coatings also won't be damaged by oil. Different industrial settings will use different chemicals, but oil is a common fuel source. Similarly, a spill involving water will typically occur in these environments at some point. Water spills can be completely fixed just as easily when epoxy flooring is involved. Contact a company like Peak Coatings to learn more.


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Understanding Machine Maintenance For Manufacturing Facilities

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